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What to wear on Diwali?

Diwali is very famous festival of India. It is celebrated all over India with much gaiety. Cracking crackers and lighting diyas are its representation. But one more thing held great importance on this day and that is wearing new dress. People especially purchase new dresses for diwali. It is must to wear something new.As far as the Diwali dress is concerned, it is just a matters of one's choice. Some one likes to wear to cool and compose dress while like a showy and goddy one.

Diwali Puja Dresses

Diwali is an occasion to "dress for excess". So one should choose an apparel that reflects the theme of luminosity. There is a general inclination towards the ethnic and traditional wear on the occasion of Diwali.

Designer Dresses and Jewelry for Diwali

Ladies give preference to heavily embroided saree in silk or salwar kameez with zari work on it, or may be some elegant lehnga or lancha. Sarara and gagra and chudidar with heavy kameez are also favourites of many young ladies. Ladies also put up heavy jewelry preferably in Gold and silver that go along with their dress. When the choosing of Diwali dress for men is concerned, Designer Kurta with Chudidar and Sherwani are the choice of most of them. Their dresses give them a traditional look. But still there are some youngsters who like to wear cool and trendy dresses like Jeans, Designer T-Shirt, and Cargo Pants on the ocassion of Diwali. Children are also dressed in brightly colored reobes and dresses.

We should be very careful while selecting our Diwali dress. One should avoid wearing synthetics on Diwali occasion as synthetics easily catch fire. Moreover we should not wear loose fitting clothes or dresses with long drooping to prevent any incidence of fire or burning while playing with crackers or lighting lamps and candles etc.

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