Happy Diwali Messages

I wish this Diwali you travel on to the road to success.<br/>
*Happy Diwali*

Have a blessed, prosperous and peaceful Diwali!

Wish you all a happy Diwali.
Just announcing that I am accepting Diwali gift - by Cash, Cheque or Credit card.
Why wait till last day and pay penalty, send now

This Diwali - may god fill your life with brillant colors and all around happiness.  Happy Diwali

May Diwali bring you the light that you are longing for.
**Have a blessed Diwali**

This Diwali - we wish that all your dreams and desires come true.

On this Diwali  I wish you success, prosperity, love, happiness!

Hope Diwali bring:
D-elight, I-mmense success, W-ealth,A-mazing surprises, L-ot of love, I-ncredible happiness.
Happy Diwali

May the auspicious festival of lights -Diwali,
fill every corner of your home with
Happy Diwali

I am sending you CASH on this Diwali


We hope festival of lights brighten up your life with success.
May this Diwali spirit of light & truth illuminate the world with peace , prosperity and love
Hope this festival of lights Diwali brings you every joy and happiness.
May the lamps of joy, illuminate coming year with success.
I wish this Diwali bring in you the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
I wish this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
Diwali denote victory of Truth. May this Diwali lights triumph over darkness across the world.
May the Divine candles of Diwali, spread light in your life and bring success in career.
I wish goddess Lakashmi bring prosperity to you on Diwali night
I wish this Diwali bring Love, health, happiness and prosperity to you.
I wish this Diwali be the greatest Diwali ever


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