Happy Diwali Festival
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When is Diwali

Reason to Celebrate Diwali

  • Lord Rama killed demon Ravana.  On this day Dusshera is celebrated.
  • Lord Rama returned to Ayodha.   On this day Diwali is celebrated.
  • Diwali comes at end of harvesting season. It is known as Kharif season as fresh rice crops are available.  Due to this reason people worship Lakshmi maata. Lakshmi maata singnify prosperity and money.  For farmer this is season of prosperity.
  • Narakasura king of Pradyoshapuram was killed by Lord Krishna. Krishna asked Sathyabhama, reincarnation of Bhudevi as Narakasura has boon that he will die only at the hands of his mother "Bhudevi "