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Importance of Diyas During Diwali

clay Lamp The various mythological aspects of Diwali are closely associated with the row of lamps. The night of Diwali is the darkest in the year. It is thus apt to decorate the house and surroundings with bright Diwali diyas to welcome the Gods.

clay Lamp It is perhaps one of the few festivals that can surpass religious and geographical boundaries and stand as a testimony to the solidarity of our country. This great Indian festival is almost incomplete without Diwali diyas.

clay Lamp Diwali diyas symbolize the victory of good over evil and is pertinent to welcoming divine power into the house, Goddess Lakshmi is believed to enter the house with the best decoration and grandest row of lights.

clay Lamp Many households may opt to make their own Diwali diyas and decorate them as per their choice. Old Diwali diyas may be enhanced with a new look in order to cut costs. The diyas are made ornate with special embellishments like beads, zaris, paints and sequins.