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Diwali Decorations

If you take pains in decorating your house, Goddess Lakshmi will visit your dream home
Diwali is the festival of lights ------ the actual meaning of the term 'Deepawali' or 'Diwali' being a row of lights. On this day, Hindus worships the Goddess of fortune and prosperity, Lakshmi.

They decorate their home with beautiful wall colors, rangolis, diyas, flowers, candles, lanterns, and lamps. For the worship of Goddess Lakshmi they clean their entire house and then deck it up. Before the arrival of this festival, most people try and buy new furniture and other things for their houses. Apart from this, they also undertake major repairs and renovation of their commercial as well as living space and whitewashing the house if the ringuer before Diwali.

People make rangolis during Diwali in order to attract the Goddess of fortune. you can make different rangolis like dry-color rangoli, wet-color rangoli and floral rangolis. You can even put candles and Ganpati Rangoli diyas on these rangolis. The market is awash in different colours and rangoli stencils at this time of year.
If you do not want to buy colours fom the market, you can prepare a few shades at your home like yellow from turmeric powder, white from wheat or rice flour, etc. But it is said tht Lakshmi likes roses, so you can make floral rangolis and decorate the whole home with flowers. Rangolis could be in geometric patterns, after shapes of flowers, animals, birds, and even monuments! But do not forget to make a Swastika motif rangoli for your worship room. Either in the prayer room or at the entrance, decorate the Swastika design with flowers.

Colorful Lights:
One can put colorful lights outside the house and at the entrance----paper lanterns hanging from the door arch and diyas along the floor will definitely lift up the fagade. Beautiful glass paintings with bright shade will also add the beauty at the entrance. In the living room, a large glass, earthen or brass vessel filled with water and flower petals and floating candles will surely add a sparkle to the whole to the whole ambience. Also change the old cushions with the bright shade cushions in the living room. To give more colorful look to the living room, you can just wrap the bulbs and CFL with colorful paper and see the result. You may also place these floating candles at different heights to get a more ethnic look to your living room.

Prey Thali Hang garlands on the upper side of the kitchen's door, or any door. Decorate the dining table with flower bouquets and candles. But be careful with candles as they can cause a fire. In your worship room; you can decorate the puja thali with golden or silver stars, threads and beads of same or contrasting colours. In other rooms, like the bedroom and the guest room, you can change the old accesories with the new ones. You can place beautiful silk or mirror-work bedcover on the bed with contrasting pillow covers. Use incense stick with nice aroma and floating diyas in these rooms also. But again, take the greatest care to see that there is no fire.

If you are fond of crackers do not play with them inside the house; also, do not play with crackers if you are wearing silk or synthetic garments. As Diwali is the festival of lights, remember to light up every nook and corner of your home, even the bathroom. So place beautiful candles here too. If you take pains in decorating your house, Goddess Lakshmi will surely visit your dream home. Happy Diwali!!