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Besan Ka Ladoo - Gram flour Balls

1) Ghee(Clarified butter) - 225 gms.
2) Besan (Gram flour) - 225 gms.
3) Castor sugar (or table sugar) - 350 gms.
4) Cashew nuts - 1 tsp, chopped.
5) Badam (almonds) - 1 tsp, chopped.
6) Pesta badam (Pistachio) - 1 tsp.


1) Take a medium-sized frying pan.
2) Place over it the ghee and besan and heat over oven at a low temperature, stirring the mixture now and then to avoid the formation of lumps. When cooked, the mixture will release a sweet aroma.
4) Remove the pan from the oven. Let it cool.
5) Add the sugar and chopped cashewnuts to the besan mixture. Stir in thoroughly.
6) Now mould out of the mixture small balls of appropriate size. Your "Besan Ka Ladoo"(or Sweet Gram Flour Ball") is ready. Serve hot or cold.

Besan ka laddo is delicious as well as healthy. Besan is made from Channa. Instead of buying stale mithai from bazaar make Besan ka laddo at home.